Fattened geese & goslings

Fattened geese
It is with good reason that ever more goose producers are placing their trust in our animals. They are characterized by stable health and excellent performance such as a favourable meat to fat ratio and a high percentage of valuable parts with a large amount of breast meat.

Our product promise: intensity of growth, flesh development and feed efficiency of geese for fattening is continuously optimised through well-directed exploitation of hybrid effects – with top vitality and high levels of adaptability.

A long tradition of goose breeding and keeping – something all our sites in Saxony have in common. This is because the surroundings with its natural abundance of grassland and waters offers the best conditions for maturing healthily. In addition, cleanliness and hygiene on the farms play a great role in successful rearing.

Our staff put their heart and soul into ensuring goose orientated keeping and care for the animals – and that for more than 20 years. The result: with more than half a million goslings bred yearly, we are now one of the market leaders in Germany of those who rear their animals close to nature.